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Event Banner VPMA18

The 2018 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards will be held on Thursday 24 May 2018, at the Vodafone Events Centre, Auckland.

The annual Pacific Music Awards event celebrates Pacific music and Pacific artists. The awards provides the opportunity to honour the achievements and success of our current Pacific artists and also pay tribute to legacy and developing artists.

The 2018 Finalist Announcement event brought together our Pacific music community to officially announce and acknowledge the 2018 finalists.  Once again there is an amazing group of artists, with a wide range of genres, celebrated as the 2018 finalists.  

The event was hosted at the Otara Music Arts Centre, to honour their 30 year anniversary and their significant contribution to our music community and industry.  The Pacific Music Awards Trust are also working on workshops for up and coming artists and will also present a 2018VPMA winners showcase later in the year.  OMAC and Auckland Council confirmed the recipient of their Incubator Scholarship at the Finalist Announcement, which was presented to Sonatane Kaufusi.

At the awards ceremony, the following awards will also be presented:

  • Most Promising Pacific Artist (presented by the Fuemana family)
  • Radio Airplay Award (based on radio play from 2017)
  • People’s Choice Award – Best Pacific Artist (all finalists are eligible and winner is confirmed by public vote)
  • Special Recognition – Outstanding Achievement
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

Photos and awards ceremony footage from previous awards ceremonies are available here on our website. Details and profiles from the 2017 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards can also be found through the online magazine 4/4: www.fourfour.co.nz

If you have any questions about the Pacific Music Awards or the nomination process, please email us: info(at)pacificmusicawards.org.nz

The Pacific Music Awards Trust is looking forward to planning the celebration of Pacific music and to sharing this special event with you, so please save the date of 24 May 2018!

30 March 2018: Pacific Music Awards Trust statement

The 2018 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards were happy to announce the 2018 finalists this week.   This was a very strong year for Pacific music, meaning once again our categories were highly contested, showing the amazing depth of talent we have within our Pacific music community.

We have received queries about the entry and judging process, which we wanted to clarify here. 

The Pacific Music Awards Trust annually puts out public invitations for artists, management groups, record companies, families and communities to put forward their nominees.  We confirm a panel of specialist judges to work through the nominations and they choose the finalists for each of the award categories.  Thus the Trust manages the overall nomination process, but does not nominate or participate in the judging.  We host the Finalist Announcement event where everyone is acknowledged, honoured and celebrated, and finally at the Pacific Music Awards the winners are announced. 

The details of the process are that we receive nominations, for the 11 entered award categories with eligibility based on the following key details:

  •  All artists are be of Pacific descent
  • For all categories, except for Best International Pacific Artist, the artist needs to be a NZ citizen or permanent resident
  • All recordings entered, whether a single, EP or album, need to have been made available for sale during 1 January – 31 December 2017

There is a detailed document outlining the full entry Terms & Conditions, which is on our website.

All entries are submitted online and can be completed by the artist themselves or by their representative.   When a representative submits an entry, confirmation is also required from the artist, to verify and complete the details.

The next stage of the process is judging and the awards Trust ask an independent judging panel to assess all the entries.  Again, this is completed online, with each judge completing and submitting their results independently.  The collated results from all the judges, will then determine the finalists and winners.

We hope that clarifies the process but if you have any questions or feedback, please email us here at:  info(at)pacificmusicawards.org.nz


Pacific Music Awards Trust

Latest News

Voting is now open for the 2018 Vodafone Peoples choice award. The winner for the Vodafone People’s Choice Award – Best Pacific Artist Award, will be announced and presented at the Vodafone Pacific Music Awards 2018, which are on Thursday 24 May at the Vodafone Events Centre.